The secret to jaw-dropping tablescapes
is not just about the Benjamins, baby

With a simple upgrade strategy and expert styling techniques, you'll create more elevated tablescapes, WOW your clients and get your work noticed. 


The dining experience is one of the most impactful elements of an event….

A show-stopping room reveal, an impeccable meal service, a well-appointed tablescape filled with intricate details—it's the type of event we event professionals are always striving for, right? Creating an amazing experience for guests while having a gorgeous visual record of your incredible design work is a win/win. 

But are YOUR tablescapes creating the impact they should be? 

It's not as simple as it appears on Pinterest and Instagram...

As you know, real events with real people and magical moments cost real MONEY. Unless your client’s budget is INFINITY, they’re going to have to make some compromises somewhere along the way….and they’re going to be looking at you for answers. 

Does your client's budget really get to dictate how amazing their tablescape, and the guest experience and your portfolio can be? 

If any of these scenarios sound familiar....

  • Your clients are Pinning wedding inspiration filled with opulent tablescapes and you’re thinking beautiful, but how can I give them anything close to this level of design on their limited budget?
  • Your client thinks upgrading their tablescape is a "waste of money" since the venue provides tabletop items that are free...and also incredibly uninspired. If you could just convince them that a small upgrade could be affordable and create so much more excitement.
  • You excitedly receive photos back from an event and are instantly disappointed...if only you had taken more time to polish up the look of your tablescape...and now it's too late.  

  • Yet another wedding blog passes on featuring your latest styled shoot because it's not in line with their caliber of event designs

  • Your clients and their guests feel satisfied with their event...but they should have been WOW'd.

...then it's time to upgrade your tablescape game... 

With a resourceful strategy and expert styling techniques, you'll be creating more elevated tablescapes that attract major attention instantly.


No way! It does not have to be all or nothing. Wouldn't it be great to:


Transform your Tablescapes from "MEH" to "AMAZING"

With resourceful strategies and creative techniques that you can lean on regardless of your cilent's event budget.  


WOW your Glients and their Guests

Through attentive, detailed touches and a focus on not just the beauty, but on the guest experience of their event. 


Advance your Credibility as an Industry Expert

By demonstrating resourceful solutions and an in-depth knowledge of table setting that will impress and build trust with your clients.


Attract more amazing design-focused projects and clients

Sleek, well-styled imagery will create bigger impact for your business on social media, increase your chances of getting your events published and capture the attention of design-focused clients.


It's time to up your tablescape game...

Creative & Resourceful Tablescape Design & Styling

An e-course helping event pros to design more elevated tablescapes at any budget that create major impact and that increase your chances of getting booked and published.


What's Inside The E-Course

Here's a peek into what you will learn in this video E-Course: 

 The Fundamentals - Event Planning & Tablescape Design 

  • The ways to create Extraordinary Events
  • Achieving Event Goals with Tablescape Design
  • Strategy for Designing Tablescapes - The Secret Sauce to creating stellar tablescapes!

Tablescape Upgrades Using Rentals

Step by step process of creating more incredible tablescapes by examining the plethora of ways to use rental pieces. 

  • Prioritized List of Rental Upgrades
  • Exploring all of the different rental pieces from napkins to chairs to china to glassware and beyond. 
  • Benefits and costs of using each type of tabletop rental piece.
  • Case studies on how I have creating incredible tablescapes using these same upgrade techniques with my own clients. 
  • Roundups of rental pieces to demonstrate the variety of styles and inspiration that is available to you.

Tablescape Upgrades Using Decorative Extras

A rundown of the decorative extras, or the jewelry of the table, that makes a tablescape come alive including:

  • Organic elements
  • Table number
  • Paper elements
  • Chair adornments
  • Favors
  • Candles

Design & Styling DOs and DON'Ts, Tips & Tricks

  • The etiquette of properly setting a table
  • How to generate content for yourself using tablescape designs
  • DOs and DON'Ts to remember in designing and presenting your tablescape - what you would never see in a tablescape photo! 
  • A variety of styling techniques, from basic to more technical, to make your tablescapes their most photogenic and publish-worthy!

Design Demo: Putting It All Together

Follow along on this video demo to see the step by step transformation of a boring and basic table display into a gorgeous, elevated tablescape design

Bonus Downloads

  • 7 useful cheat sheet PDF downloads so you always have this valuable information at your fingertips when designing and styling your own tablescapes. 


Case Studies

Dozens of case studies from my own weddings and events. You'll learn the stories behind the designs and experience my techniques in action! 

Video Instruction

Guided instruction on designing fabulous tablescape designs that are stunning and resourcefully created.

DOs and DON'Ts

From etiquette to dos and don'ts, we'll cover what should and should not be on your tablescapes.

Cheat Sheets

A comprehensive downloadable cheat sheets that ensure you always have accurate information at your fingertips from table sizes to proper table setting diagrams.

Build trust with your clients from moment one.

Take the lead in the design process and get buy-in from your clients and creative partners more easily with this proven system. 


By the end of this course, you'll be an expert at

  • Thoughtfully creating tablescapes that are not only gorgeous, but also mindful of the practical components of real life events (i.e. budget, guest comfort, service feasibility, etc.)
  • Creating elevated tablescape scenes that knock the socks off of your clients and their guests
  • Styling such photogenic scenes that you will create major attention on social media and attract new clients! 

One Payment


Top Savings


Frequently Asked Questions

Tablescapes that look like $1 million, but created with a fraction of that budget.

These simple tablescape upgrade strategies and styling techniques will WOW your clients and make everyone think they spent a fortune. 


Meet your Instructor 

Robin Baab Olascoaga is the Founder, Creative Director, and Principal Planner at RMBO Collective, a Los Angeles-based, planning and design company with a mission to create connection through elevated, extraordinary event experiences and environments.

A strong believer in building community over competition, Robin passionately shares over a decade of event industry wisdom with fellow event professionals through her digital educational resources and live workshops.

Robin’s expertise and events have been featured in the top wedding and lifestyle publications including: Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, The Knot, Bustle, Refinery 29, My Domaine, Glamour, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and many more. 


After taking this course, you can say goodbye to any of these scenarios happening ever again...

Your clients blew their budget on fancy upgrades (like the ones they saw on Pinterest) for their wedding, but their guests complained afterward that they didn't have the best time. 


You hoped this latest client's wedding would be the one where you got to really show your design talents, but they didn't prioritize their table and went with basic rentals. Another opportunity to show well designed work bites the dust. 


  • Your tablescape shots on social media are generating crickets rather than positive buzz. 
  • Blogs and publications are continually passing on featuring your work. 
  • Have a portfolio filled with uninspired tablescape designs.


Never again!